Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you Gas Safe® registered?

A: Absolutely. Our Gas Safe business identification is 630990. Please enter our number into the Gas Safe websites business search.

Q: What areas are your services available in?

A: All of Newcastle areas with a 15 miles radius. This can vary depending on the job size. We may be able to travel further. Please contact us. 

Q: I have the required parts/materials for the job required. Can you charge me labour only?

A: Yes, we can – in most circumstances we would prefer to purchase materials ourselves however if you have your own materials we are happy to fit them for you. 

Q: What is your average repair cost?

A: The average repair cost is between £50-£150 This covers an hour of our labour and parts in which most repairs can be completed. 

Q: Do you hold public liability insurance?

A: Yes, you can view our certificate by requesting a copy. 

Q: How accurate are your appointment times?

A: We attend >95% of jobs at the agreed time. However, there are times when our engineers hit heavy traffic or the previous job overruns. We will always endeavour to let our customers know if we are running late. 

Q: What is your response time?

A: For emergencies, we can attend within 30 minutes. However, this estimate can change depending on various circumstances. Winter time is obviously our busy period. 

Q: I have had a repair completed and it took a few minutes. Do I have to pay the full hour?

A: Yes; our minimum charge is 1 hour. 

Q: I have received a cheaper quotation from another company but would prefer your company to complete the works. Can you match their quotation?

A: Honest answer is that it depends. However, it does not hurt to ask! There are some occasions when we can and some when we cannot. 

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes. We cover the workmanship for 12 months with materials/parts holding their own warranty, usually with the supplier. 

Q: Can I send photographs for help with the quotation?

A: Absolutely. With modern technology and simple jobs that require quoting, often we can estimate a job costing based on a photograph. For example, the replacement of a kitchen tap. 

Q: Do you sell on details to third parties?

A: No. The cold calls annoy us as much as they annoy you. Your details are only used internally by members of staff to send invoices, quotations, receipts and discuss work with yourself. 

Q: Who manages quality control of the workmanship?

A: Hassan Sattar. Should you not be satisfied with the completed workmanship Hassan Sattar will inspect the job himself. 


Q: I am struggling to pay my bill. What are my options?

A: Please do not instruct works unless you have the finances for the proposed works. 

All invoices will be required to be paid immediately after works have been completed, unless otherwise stated on the invoice and agreed upon. 

We have strict policies on outstanding invoices. All invoices will be collected regardless of extra cost, including the involvement of courts and/or debt collectors. All costs associated with collecting debts will be charged to the customer within UK legislation. 

Your best option is to speak to us and be honest. We will work together to secure payment in the most efficient manner possible. 

Q: Do you offer finance for your services?

A: Absolutely. Check our finance page. We are one of a few companies who are able to offer finance. We will assist you in completing the paperwork with the minimal of fuss digitally. Applications are usually accepted or declined within 2 hours. If you are unable to complete a finance application digitally, a member of staff is trained to visit your property to explain and discuss the application. 

Q: What are my payment options?

A: We offer all major payment options other than cheque*. These include BACS (Bank Transfer) and cash. *Large jobs can be payable by cheque. Contact us for further details. 

Q: We are a letting agency who are looking for regular plumbing services. Do you offer payment terms?

A: Yes, we will usually give letting agencies a strict 30-day payment term. We work for agency’s around the northeast. 

Q: Do you use sub-contractors?

A: No; all our staff are employed by Simply Heating. We may use a third party in connection to specialised works, such as asbestos removal, in which we are legally unable to complete. 

Q: I have had a plumber/heating engineer previously; can I request the same attendant?

A: Of course – speak to a member of the office and they should be able to arrange this. 

Q: Do you have terms and conditions?

A: Yes – you can view them here. 

Q: Your engineer was late! Can I receive a discount?

A: No. We are unable to monitor all external variables, including traffic, job overruns or vehicle issues. We try and give you a time slot, which is much more than most companies who offer AM vs. PM. Please speak to us if your appointment time is strictly controlled between two timings. We will endeavour to re-arrange and organise our engineer for special cases. 

Q: What are your payment terms for domestic customers?

A: In most cases, immediate payment is required. However, we can allow up to 3 days for certain circumstances. Speak to us regarding available payment terms. 

Gas Emergency 

Q: What should I do if I smell gas/or carbon monoxide is escaping?

A: You should call National Grid on 0800 111 999. This is a free, national emergency line. They will dispatch an engineer (free of charge) who will make the property safe. They will usually disable the gas supply temporarily until the required repairs can be carried out by a company like ourselves. You can then call us to arrange a visitation to have the repairs carried out and complete multiple tests to ensure the property is safe. We can then restore the gas supply at the property. Only gas safe, qualified engineers should attend. 

Attempt to disable the gas from your meter 

Open all your windows & doors at the property to allow ventilation 

Do not operate or switch on/off electrical equipment 

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